How To Do Human Rights Education: Online workshop by global scholar Audrey Osler

Mon, 27 March 2023, 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM EDT

Register here!

Improve Children’s Lives Through Human Rights Education at a free workshop by international human rights education scholar Dr. Audrey Osler
Do you ever wonder about what we can do to change attitudes of intolerance and advocate better for peace and justice?
We can’t do what we don’t know.
We can’t teach what we’ve never been taught.
Solutions can be found in this workshop on how to integrate Human Rights Education (HRE) into your courses, organizations, and life.
Dr. Audrey Osler is one of the world’s experts in human rights education (HRE) and is coming to conduct a workshop for educators and public leaders. Her publications include: Teachers, Human Rights and Diversity: educating citizens in a multicultural society, Changing Citizenship: democracy and inclusion in educationGirls and Exclusion: rethinking the agenda.
Come and find out about all the resources that exist to help you be a human rights defender!

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