Brainstorming Workshop: New and emerging humanrights programs and initiatives

March 17th at 11am ET/8am PT
Register Here

At academic institutions across the globe, new programs are being launched to integrate human rights pedagogy, knowledge and practice into the curriculum and community via a variety of pathways: undergraduate human rights majors, minors, and concentrations; masters and doctoral programs; crossdisciplinary initiatives; and free-standing human rights institutes, among others.

This brainstorming session will feature presentations by leaders of new and emerging programs, followed by discussion and input from UCCHRE members.

Grace Cheng, Director, Center for Human Rights, San Diego State University
Carrie Cuthbert, Project Advisor, (Re)Visioning Human Rights, Democracy and the Liberal Arts, Smith College
Golam Mathbor, Professor and Program Director, Doctor of Social Work (DSW) in Human Rights Leadership, School of Social Work, Monmouth University

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