Education & Training Opportunities

HRE USA hosts and sponsors an array of workshops and webinars on human rights-related topics and issues for educators and advocates.

HRE USA welcomes opportunities to collaborate with partners to host innovative human rights education-oriented programs and events. If you are interested in collaborating with us or are seeking sponsorship for your event, please fill out this request form.

Upcoming Webinars & Workshops


4 PM – 5 PM ET


Using Puppetry to Teach Human Rights

Puppetry is a proven technique in education and has been used to teach a variety of topics to children of all ages. This workshop will employ the ancient puppetry technique of shadow puppetry and demonstrate how one can create a shadow show in the classroom with simple materials such as cardboard, straw and a flashlight. 

This workshop will focus on the issue of immigration using the book La Frontera: El Viaje Con Papa/My Journey with Papa by Deborah Mills, Alfredo Alva, and Claudia Navarro. Many young people do not know or understand the importance when people decide to leave their home country for another.  This workshop will open dialogue not only on the tough decisions made in leaving one’s own country, but the difficulties of being an immigrant in a new country.

Neda Izadi, Dodd Impact, University of Connecticut

This event is sponsored by Dodd Human Rights Impact and Human Rights Educators USA

Saturday, February 20
11am-1pm CST
Virtual Webinar


unMASKING: Human Rights and the Pandemic

Guide your students to navigate the pandemic through multimedia lessons and activities! The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted and exacerbated existing human rights challenges including social and economic rights such as the rights to education, food and health. The two-hour virtual workshop will introduce educators to “unMASKing: The Pandemic Curriculum Project” and possibilities for its use in the classroom or other learning environments. The workshop will provide opportunities to collaborate across classrooms. The program is open to educators, parents and administrators in all settings (classrooms, organizations & homes).

Elana Haviv is the founder and director of Generation Human Rights (GenHR)
Felisa Tibbitts is co-founder and director of Human Rights Education Associates (HREA) and lecturer at Teachers College of Columbia University.

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11:30 – 12:30 EST
Virtual Webinar


Human rights education’s curriculum problem

Does human rights education have a social justice mission? And if so, how much does knowledge matter in realising justice through education? In this session, Walter Parker articulates what he identifies as human rights education’s curriculum problem in schools and suggests strategies to solve it.  Employing a theoretical perspective from the critical sociology of education, he suggests the main problem is HRE’s lack of an episteme—a disciplinary structure created in specialist communities—and, related to this, the flight of scholars from the field of curriculum practice, redefining it away from subject matter. Parker asserts that the HRE curriculum remains scattered, ill-defined, and too variable to be robust. HRE advocacy is important but insufficient. He argues that a more robust HRE in schools will require a curriculum that teachers can adapt to local needs, constraints, and students. Knowledge matters. In this session he identifies a key challenge for researchers and policymakers: without knowledge work of this sort, it is difficult to claim that HRE has a social justice mission.

Walter C. Parker, University of Washington, Seattle, USA