Human Rights Education Now! Podcast

Human Rights Education Now!  is a podcast that aims to (1) inform a broader audience in the U.S. and internationally about human rights education (HRE) stories, practices, related issues and theories, (2) expand awareness and knowledge about HRE USA and its programs, and (3) engage partner individuals, groups and organizations in changing the conversation about rights in the U.S. to one employing a human rights education lens.

Our audience is anyone involved or interested in advancing human rights in the U.S. From institutional to grassroots settings, this includes educators in traditional learning spaces (i.e., schools) and other human rights professionals (i.e. counselors, public officials, activists) in various non-traditional settings (i.e., community, shelters, non-profit organizations).

The content includes individual narratives of experienced HRE practitioners, theorists, scholars, students, and Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) advocates. 

Each podcast is available on our website, Spotify, Apple and Google Podcasts, YouTube and Soundcloud (coming soon!) or wherever you get your podcasts. You can also download each episode as an MP3 file. 

EPISODE 1: Nancy Flowers Part One

Nancy Flowers discusses her early life interest in human rights and social justice as a prelude to her involvement in human rights activism through Amnesty International (AI). She also addresses the origins of human rights education (HRE) in the U.S. and its gradual evolution from work done by Amnesty International USA in the late 1980s to the present. Obstacles to the acceptance and institutionalization of HRE in the U.S. are discussed and contrasted with the more rapid development of HRE in Latin America, the Philippines, and Europe.

Topics discussed:

  • Development & evolution of HRE
  • Involvement with HRE in the U.S. and global
  • HRE infrastructure
  • Allies & efforts in the HRE field

Full topic listing available for PDF download HERE.

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EPISODE 2: Nancy Flowers Part Two

Nancy Flowers continues her conversation with host Bill Fernekes. The episode begins with a discussion about some of the USA’s inaugural human rights education (HRE) books, conferences, and other  projects in which Nancy was involved. The episode continues with conversations about reproductive rights, cultural norms, transnational solidarity building and important insights guiding HRE moving forward. Listeners will also learn who is Nancy’s most influential role model in HRE and the one critical change needed to advance HRE in the USA. 

Topics discussed:

  • Contextualizing the local within a global 
  • Transnational solidarity building 
  • Resisting xenophobia and anti-democratic tendencies 
  • Challenging mainstream narratives as pathways for HRE
  • Places and strategies for incorporating HRE
  • Recalibrating how HRE is perceived and relating HRE to social justice issues
  • Patience as an essential quality for HRE advocates

Full topic listing available for PDF download HERE.

Listen on our Buzzsprout podcast website HERE.


Our podcast team includes producer and editor Bill Fernekes, executive producer Kristi
Rudelius-Palmer, editor Elizabeth Schwab, sound designer and project manager Sabrina
Sanchez, and production coordinator Jazzmin Chizu Gota.

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