HRE Curriculum Integration Guide Project

The development of this project was the outgrowth of a meeting where New Jersey members of HRE USA determined that a curriculum integration guide tied to the NJ social studies standards would be a very helpful resource for educators.  The core group of lesson authors emerged from that initial meeting, and other participants have joined the project since that time.

This guide is designed to provide model lessons to assist social studies and other educators in implementing HRE within their daily practice. Although the Guide is tied specifically to the New Jersey social studies standards, it can be used as a model for any educator seeking to integrate human rights into their curriculum, and can serve as a template for other states.

Each lesson is tied to Common Core curriculum standards and contains suggested modifications for ESL populations and classified students, as well as suggestions regarding how each lesson supports literacy development.

During the first phase of the project (2014-2015), eight lessons with related learning resources have been mounted on the project section of the HRE USA website. As of mid-February 2017, five additional lessons have been mounted for a total of thirteen lessons with related materials now available for use.

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