HRE USA Advocates for U.S. to Fulfill Human Rights Treaty Obligations

In 2016, we partnered with US Human Rights Network, to engage the United States on fulfillment of its human rights obligations. We attended and took part in several town hall meetings sponsored by federal agencies, to encourage these agents of the federal government to honor our treaty commitments to teach the US population about human rights and international humanitarian law.

We convened, along with the US Human Rights Network, a National Summit on Human Rights Education – Taking Stock and Next Steps Part II to revisit the UPR report on the national status of HRE in the United States. HRE USA’s position has been supported by the National Council for the Social Studies, which has urged the US government to honor its treaty obligations to teach about human rights and humanitarian law through its programs that “support and encourage civic, social and global education.” NCSS has offered its expertise and that of its members “to both governmental and civil society efforts to integrate human rights education into … social studies education.”

HRE National Summit Event

HRE National Summit Event-2