Human Rights Education and Linkages

What is Human Rights Education?

Human Rights Education is a lifelong process of teaching and learning that helps individuals, groups, and communities develop the knowledge, skills, and values to fully exercise and protect their human rights and those of others; to fulfill their responsibilities in the context of internationally recognized human rights principles; and to achieve justice and peace in the world.

HRE USA Guiding Principles and Values

HRE USA is guided by the basic human rights principles of human dignity, equality, and non-discrimination as articulated in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In accordance with these principles, we value diversity, inclusiveness, transparency, and consensus-based decision making and commit to treating each other with dignity, integrity, caring and respect in all our undertakings.

We believe effective human rights education is transformative, empowers individuals and communities, and promotes the respect for and embodiment of these human rights principles and values.

We commit to building a culture of human rights, dignity, justice, and peace. We aim to dismantle systemic racism, white supremacy, and all manifestations of discrimination and domination based on ability, ethnicity, citizenship, culture, gender, race, religion, sexuality, socio-economic status, or any other criteria. 

Human Rights Education Intersections and Linkages

As we carry out our work to have Human Rights Education become an integral part of U.S. public education standards and curricula, we believe it is vital to also articulate how HRE intersects and links with such vital endeavors as diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, education for democracy, and social justice advocacy.

Recognizing and valuing these connections can help strengthen collaborations and clarify that all of us working in these arenas have common goals for positive social change that furthers equality, equity, justice, and dignity for all people.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives

Described here is the HRE perspective on the importance of supporting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programs in educational and other community environments.

Education for Democracy

Explained here is the significance of the Educating for American Democracy Initiative to provide national guidance on how to transform the teaching of Civics and History to inspire student engagement to uphold constitutional democracy, as well as how Human Rights Education is integral to this endeavor. 

Social Justice Advocacy

The vital connection of Human Rights Education and Social Justice Advocacy is described here.

Human Rights Education Position Statements & Reports by Institutions & Associations

The National Council for the Social Studies

HRE USA and the University and College Consortium for Human Rights Education