The Edmonds Summer Fellowship

In August of 2020, Human Rights Educators USA lost one of its sustaining sources of inspiration and committed leadership – Kirby Edmonds. As a founding member of HRE USA, Kirby was instrumental in the establishment of HRE USA, directly shaping our mission statement, organizational structure, and most importantly our values framework and the consensus-based policy for decision-making. He served as co-Chair of HRE USA for nearly a decade.

In honor of his legacy, HRE USA has created the Edmonds Summer Fellowship to support students with hands-on leadership experience in human rights education and further Kirby’s work to engage young people in building human rights-friendly schools and communities.

Applications will be available on February 1, 2021.

Donations to support this new student fellowship can be made online or checks can be made out to the Center for Transformative Action with “HRE USA Edmonds Fellowship” in the memo line and mailed to the Center for Transformative Action, P.O. Box 760, Ithaca, NY 14851