Human Rights Education Library

Our online human rights education library is a curated, resource-rich collection of HRE materials for K-12 educators.

Our library includes curriculum, lesson plans, documents, manuals, articles, books, and more.  Whether you are seasoned veteran or just getting started, you can be sure to find something useful and relevant to enhance your HRE learning and practice.

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Not sure where to begin?  Check out Getting Started in Human Rights Education for all the basics on what to teach, how to teach, making connections, resources for program design and implementation, and comprehensive curriculum materials.

HRE USA’s Curriculum Integration Guide provides model lessons to help social studies and other educators implement human rights in their curriculum. Each lesson is tied to Common Core curriculum standards and contains suggested modifications for ESL populations and classified students, as well as suggestions regarding how each lesson supports literacy development.

Also see our news updates for the latest in human rights education materials and resources.

HRE USA offers these  human rights education materials based on the following criteria:

  • Overall usefulness, relevance, and quality;
  • Relates directly to human rights documents and principles;
  • Reflects methodologies appropriate to human rights education;
  • Offers a variety of approaches, subject areas, and age levels;
  • Is easy to access;
  • Originates from a transparent source.

To submit a resource to the HRE Library, please send the name and description of the resource with a copy to review at