Human Rights in National Security Toolkit

In 2017, Amnesty International USA published Human Rights in National Security: An Educator’s Toolkit.  A free resource that equips educators with the right tools for discussing post-9/11 national security and human rights issues in the classroom.

This toolkit provides lesson plans, activities and resources to address such issues as drone strikes, global war, indefinite detention, torture, surveillance and discrimination in the classroom, and to empower students to assess the developments through a human rights lens. Further, it includes actions for students to take on issues of national security and human rights.

In 2018, Human Rights Educators USA began collaborating with Amnesty International USA to gather feedback and improve their Toolkit.

Further resources were provided, including an introductory video and webinar to introduce the new toolkit and provide training for educators on how to use it.

HRE USA is currently working with teachers and schools to pilot the toolkit modules in the classroom. If you are interested in providing more detailed feedback by acting as a piloting educator, please email Emily Farell.