Amnesty International seeking Sr. Human Rights Education Advisor

Amnesty International has a vacancy in the Global HRE team at Amnesty International for the role of Senior HRE Advisor

Further details are available here –

Deadline for applications is 26th September, 2021. 

For any questions, please email

Tier 1 of HRE USA’s new 2021-22 Training As Action Series (TAAS) is launching on Monday, September 20th

Facilitated by a variety of experts in the field, TAAS will bridge the personal and collective on some of the most critical human rights issues of today. You will leave each session of the training series with a renewed energy and the practical tools necessary to facilitate conversations and promote collective action with students and community members writ large. For more information about TAAS, visit this page.

Featuring a 3-tiered approach, each tier builds upon the next in terms of depth, participation, and engagement. Participants are welcome to register for Tier 1 only, Tier 1 and 2, or all three tiers as they are interested.

Tier 1 (2 modules, Sep/Oct) will provide an overview of HRE USA, including understanding ways to engage within the various committees, action teams, and working groups. Additionally, Tier 1 will provide a general grounding in human rights and human rights education applications.

  • Monday, September 20 – 7:00-8:30pm ET
  • Monday, October 4 – 7:00-8:30pm ET

Webinar: How might universities teach about, through and for human rights?

Dr. Felisa Tibbitts, Chair in Human Rights Education at Utrecht University (Netherlands) and Dr. André Keet, Chair for Critical Studies in Higher Education Transformation at Nelson Mandela University (South Africa) are co-editing the book Emancipatory Human Rights and the University. The book explores the theoretical and practical question of how universities can promote human rights, with perspectives from Africa, Europe, Latin America, North America and Southeast Asia. Pre-register here.

Meet the editors and some authors in a webinar that will take place on 23 September, 20:00 – 21:30 Amsterdam time (GMT +1)/2 p.m.- 3:30 p.m. EDT. Drs. Keet and Tibbitts will be joined by Dr. Regina Cortina of Columbia University (USA) and Dr. Francis Adaikalam, Loyola College (India).

The presentations and discussions will include:

– International Human Rights Standards and the University

– A Feminist Lens on Gender Equality in a Mexican University

– Human Rights Programming and Transformation of South African Universities

– Human Rights in Indian Social Work Education

Call for Nominations: 2021 Edward O’Brien Human Rights Education Awards

Do you know someone who has made a difference through Human Rights Education in the United States? Human Rights Educators USA invites nominations for the 2021 Edward O’Brien Human Rights Education Awards.

Nominations may be for:

  1. An individual who has made a significant contribution to human rights education in the United States
  2. An organization, institution, or program that has made an outstanding contribution to human rights education in the United States

One organization and one individual will be awarded. The winners will be announced on International Human Rights Day, December 10, 2021.

Deadline: September 15, 2021

For more about the Awards and 2021 nomination forms see

Send inquiries and nominations to: 

Nancy Flowers

Chair, O’Brien Awards Selection Committee

Kaylee Taylor Bradford, HRE USA Research Scholar Report

As a Research Scholar, Kaylee focuses on research, advocacy, and training with incorporating human rights education into teacher education programs and professional development. She is working to develop a Teacher Educator Resource Hub for the HRE USA website as well as to analyze the current Teacher Education Accreditation Processes in the United States to see where human rights competencies can be incorporated. She also assisted in the creation of the Training As Action Series (TAAS) which she will help to facilitate in fall 2021. View Video Report.

HRE USA 2021 Annual Report

Take a look at what HRE USA has been up to over the past year. Read our 2021 report here.

Cover of the 2021 HRE USA Annual Report

Please consider supporting HRE-USA by making a tax-deductible contribution on our behalf to our fiscal sponsor, the Center for Transformative Action, a 501(c)3 organization. 


On behalf of the HRE USA Steering Committee, we would like to thank all our members for a great year and we look forward to continuing to work together to build a strong human rights education community!

>> view report

HRE USA launches new 2021-2022 Training As Action Series (TAAS)

On the 10th anniversary of its founding, HRE USA is launching a new 2021-22 Training As Action Series (TAAS) focused on bridging the personal and collective on some of the most critical human rights issues of today. The 2021-22 HRE USA Training As Action Series (TAAS) will feature a scaffolded three-tier training model. Each tier builds upon the next in terms of depth, participation, and engagement. The trainings are designed to meet the diverse needs of our members. Participants are welcome to register for Tier 1 only, Tier 1 and 2, or all three tiers as they are interested. The first workshop in the series will take place on September 20, 2021. Visit this page for more information and registration.

Winnie Ho, 2021 Edmonds Summer Fellowship Report

During her fellowship Winnie worked on landscape mapping, organizational outreach, and relationship-building with HRE USA partners. View Video Report.

“As an aspiring public health professional doing work in drug policy, I had always known that human rights closely intersected with the world I was already doing, but had not yet fully explored it. Serving as an Edmonds Fellow with HRE USA really expanded my horizons to think hard about developing resources and tools for a network of amazing organizations. I’ve learned so much throughout my project, an organizational landscape analysis, and had the opportunity to speak with numerous organizations about their needs and goals. As someone who is interested in how coalitions and movements are built and sustained, this fellowship gave me a real chance to answer some big questions and problem-solve my way through the project. I truly am grateful for the mentorship, support, and experience this summer has provided me, and look forward to continuing to integrate what I’ve learned here into my future work.”

Winnie Ho