Training As Action Series

The Human Rights Educators USA’s virtual Training As Action Series (TAAS) focuses on bridging personal and collective action on some of the most critical human rights issues of today. The annual series is offered in October and November each year.

If your organization would like to support HRE USA’s Training as Action Series (TAAS), your contribution of $100-1000 is welcome!! You can contribute through this donation Professional Development and Curriculum Portal: HRE USA – a project of CTA: 2022-23 HRE Professional Development (

Please share your logo and brief organizational write-up with if you are interested in co-sponsoring the upcoming TAAS 2023. We can invoice your institution, if needed, and answer any questions. Kaylee Bradford – – coordinates HRE USA recruitment and outreach efforts.


Monday, 10/17/22 7pm–9pm ET: Action for Human Rights

During this workshop, participants explored various tactics for human rights action. Paying particular attention to youth action for human rights, we discussed how to design a plan of action, the right to protest, and student walkouts as human rights actions. This interactive workshop was facilitated by Ben Fleming and Kristina Eberbach. More information on this session

Monday, 10/24/22 7pm–9pm ET: Indigenous Peoples’ Human RightsVideo Recording

This session explored Indigenous Peoples’ and environmental rights as human rights. International Indian Treaty Council (IITC) leaders address indigenous land rights, justice, and the effects of climate change for various communities. The session began with a brief recognition of IITC as the HRE USA first-ever Impact Award recipients for the 50 years of working to educate and defend the rights of Indigenous Peoples in the US, at the United Nations, and with collaborators around the world. The presenter included Bill Means, Founder and Board Member of IITC & Oglala Lakota Nation, Wicahpi Koyaka Tiospaye, Pine Ridge, South Dakota, Andrea Carmen, IITC Executive Director, and Lisa Bellanger IITC Board Member and St. Paul, Minnesota Indigenous Educator, and White Earth Anishinaabe Nation, Three Fires Society, Manitoba Canada. More information on this session

Saturday, 10/29/22 11am-1pm ET: Facilitating Difficult Conversations

During this session, participants workshopped best practices and effective techniques for facilitation, conflict management, and inquiry-based questioning, focusing on current social issues being debated in society. This interactive workshop was facilitated by Kaylee Bradford and Rebecca Cannara.

Monday, 11/7/22 7pm–9pm ET: Children’s Rights & Youth ActivismVideo Recording

This session provided an overview of the United States children and youth rights initiatives and organizing around critical children rights and youth activism. The session offered context and content with practical applications for community action and networking resources. This interactive workshop was facilitated by Hallie McRae, Maddy Wegner, and Adrianna Zhang. More information on this session.

Monday, 11/14/22 7pm–9pm ET: Ending Gun ViolenceVideo Recording

This workshop provided the human rights framework that guided Amnesty International’s groundbreaking research on gun violence in the US. We received information and personal stories from the most vulnerable communities who experience high rates of gun violence. We also learned advocacy skills to act to support efforts to end gun violence on a local and national front. This session was facilitated by Amnesty International USA leaders, Ernest Converson, Ebony McClease, and Cynthia Gabriel Walsh. More information on this session.

Saturday, 11/19/22 11am–1pm ET: Incorporating Human Rights in the ClassroomVideo Recording

During this session, we workshopped how to source human rights resources for your classroom and discuss meaningful ways to incorporate human rights into your lesson plans and learning activities. We also practiced developing/revising lessons plans to incorporate human rights within various subjects. Facilitators included Kaylee Bradford, Elana Haviv, and Sandy Sohcot. More information on this session.

HRE USA is grateful for this year’s 2022 TAAS Co-Sponsors to make this series possible
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