Teaching the World Forum and Urban Teaching Matters Conference

When: Saturday, April 21, 2018
Time: 9 am – 4 pm
Where: The Academic Building,15 Seminary Place, New Brunswick, NJ
Cost: $25

This ​year ​Teaching ​the ​World ​Forum ​is ​partnering ​with ​the ​GSE ​Urban ​Teaching ​Matters ​Conference ​and ​focusing ​on ​issues ​of ​education ​and ​equity ​in ​urban ​education ​and ​global ​education. ​ ​The ​2017-2018 ​academic ​year ​marks ​the ​inauguration ​of ​Rutgers ​GSE’s ​Urban ​and ​Social ​Justice ​Education ​Program, ​designed ​to ​develop ​teachers ​to ​be ​engaged ​in ​and ​committed ​to ​excellence, ​equity ​and ​social ​justice ​in ​their ​teaching ​practice. ​ ​As ​such, ​we ​decided ​to ​link ​our ​two ​conferences ​to ​offer ​exciting ​professional ​development ​opportunities ​aimed ​at ​fostering ​global ​citizenship ​within ​a ​social ​justice ​framework.

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Organizational Leadership for Human Rights & Social Justice

When: March 17th – March 18th
Time: Saturday, 10 am – 4 pm and Sunday, 10 am – 1 pm
Where: Columbia University, New York, NY
Cost: $250

A two-day interactive workshop designed to strengthen participants’ professional leadership skills for work in the fields of human rights and social justice. Designed for staff and organizational leaders (including board members) in NGOs, grassroots organizations, networks, social movements, and donor agencies.

The workshop begins with ecosystem analysis in order for participants to identify and understand opportunities and challenges for effective action within their own organizations and other actors within broader social movements in human rights and social justice. It then moves into a more nuts and bolts focus on how to best design and implement human rights work. Covered topics include mission and goals, strategic planning, governance, horizontal management, organizational structures, working with donors and fundraising, partnerships, models of revenue generation, and measuring success.

Prior knowledge and experience in human rights is an asset, but not required to benefit from this workshop. Participants should have some previous professional experience, but current students are also welcome.

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Conference: Human Rights in a Time of Populism

When: March 23rd – March 24th
Time: Friday, 12-5 pm and Saturday, 9-5 pm
Where: Harvard Law School, Cambridge, MA 02138
Cost: Free and open to the public.

On March 23 -24, 2018, Harvard Law School will host a conference, Human Rights in a Time of Populism. The  multidisciplinary conference will discuss the challenges that current developments characterized as populist pose to the goals of the international human rights system, and more broadly the relationship between human rights and populism, and strategies for dealing with the current challenges.

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Palo Alto is Another City for CEDAW!

Cities and towns across the country continue to give momentum to the Cities for CEDAW campaign.  On February 8, the Palo Alto Human Relations Commission voted unanimously to recommend a CEDAW ordinance to the Palo Alto city council.  The Stanford student newspaper, which covered the hearing, reported that members of the Commission expressed some concern about the cost of implementing the ordinance, and seemed doubtful that Stanford would provide any free resources to assist.  Nevertheless, the support for sending the ordinance on to a city council vote was unanimous.

The proposal for a CEDAW ordinance was previously presented to the Palo Alto City Council in November 2016, which then referred it to the Commission for a recommendation.  In the intervening years since that proposal was first introduced, Santa Clara County, San Jose and Mountain View have joined Berkeley, Los Angeles, and the pioneering San Francisco as CEDAW Cities.  The City Council member who acts as a liaison to the Commission, Cory Wolbach, urged the Commission to take a vote and send the item back to the City Council for consideration.

A City Council vote on the item has not yet been scheduled.  Kudos to the members of the UN Association Mid-Peninsula Chapter who continue to pursue this through the ins and outs of local government!

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Pozen Center for Human Rights Seeks Director of HR Practice

The Pozen Center for Human Rights at the University of Chicago is seeking a director for Human Rights Practice.  The position is a three year one.

The director is expected to lead graduate and undergraduate students in developing solutions to real world human rights problems.  Those with a history of working with students will be preferred.

Application review begins on March 5th. 

A range of projects is envisioned including “arts-based projects that explore questions surrounding the rights of migrants and asylum seekers, LGBTQ and women’s rights, indigenous peoples’ rights, policing and other law enforcement practices, the right to shelter, public health, the right to water or land, homelessness, or statelessness. [The Center is] particularly interested in practitioners who use innovative new practices including social media, the visual arts, or big data.”

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Call for papers – The Association of Human Rights Institutes Conference

The Association of Human Rights Institutes (AHRI), has issued a call for papers for its next research conference on the theme “Renewing Rights in a Time of Transition: 70 Years of the UDHR.”

Submission deadline: March 5. 

AHRI is a network of over 60 member institutions that carries out research and educational activities in the field of human rights.  Member institutions are from 33 different countries, including several U.S. members.  AHRI’s objective is to bring together human rights researchers from across the disciplines, to facilitate the exchange of ideas and collaboration, and to promote research, education and discussion in the field of human rights.

The 2018 AHRI Human Rights Research Conference will be hosted by the Global Justice Academy at the University of Edinburgh Law School in Edinburgh, Scotland, on 7-8 September 2018.

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