Book Announcement: The Human Rights Imperative in Teacher Education: Developing Compassion, Understanding and Advocacy

Gloria T. Alter and Bill Fernekes are very pleased to announce the publication of The Human Rights Imperative in Teacher Education: Developing Compassion, Understanding and Advocacy (Lanham MD:  Rowman and Littlefield, 2022). This edited volume contains contributions by a distinguished set of authors from the USA, Canada, Chile, Nigeria, and the United Kingdom, all leaders in the field of human rights education. The book combines theory and practice to help educators make human rights education (HRE) a central focus of daily educational practice and includes sample HRE units on the rights of global migrants, Indigenous peoples and LGBTQ+ communities.  A comprehensive bibliography and set of appendices provide many resources for further study and research.

Contributors to the book include current and former HRE USA Steering Committee members Gloria T. Alter (co-editor), Bill Fernekes (co-editor), Nancy Flowers, Page Hersey, Glenn Mitoma, Kristi-Rudelius-Palmer and Felisa Tibbitts as well as HRE USA Advisory Board members Abraham Magendzo and Audrey Osler.

A poster session on the book’s development and content will be presented at the National Council for the Social Studies annual meeting in Philadelphia on Friday, Dec. 2 from 11:30 am-12:30 pm at the Philadelphia Convention Center—Convention Center Reg Bridge West.  A discount flyer is attached to this email and we encourage you to consider adoption of the book for courses in teacher education programs, inclusion in college/university and school library collections, and purchase by school administrators and classroom teachers.

Download discount flyer

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