Freedom Reads: Anti-Bias Book Talk Series

Teaching for Change has just launched a new series entitled, Freedom Reads: Anti-Bias Book Talk. The series is a collection of short videos that give caregivers, parents, and educators the tools to evaluate children’s books using an anti-racist and anti-bias lens.

In Freedom Reads, associate director of Teaching for Change, Allyson Criner Brown, spends ten minutes examining a different children’s book, offering a synopsis, relevant resources, and four to five key points from an anti-bias, critical literacy perspective.

“In years of working with parents, caregivers, and educators, we’ve seen that taking a deep dive into children’s books is one of the best ways to teach adults how to apply an anti-bias, anti-racist lens to books and other children’s media,” says Criner Brown.

Designed with parents in mind, Freedom Reads intends to take viewers on an extended journey through some of the best anti-bias and anti-racist books out there. The series appears on Teaching for Change’s YouTube channel and Social Justice Books website

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