Housing Justice Conference


When: August 2-3, 2019
Where: CUNY Law School, NYC
Cost: Free and open to the public
Theme: Affordable for Whom? Organizing and Development Strategies for Housing Justice

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As cities across the country struggle with rising housing costs and displacement, public recognition of the need for affordable housing is increasing. At the same time, organizers and activists–led by working-class people of color–are proposing bold, community-controlled solutions, and keeping a key question at the forefront: “Affordable for whom?” 

Coalitions of activists, practitioners, and academics around the country have successfully created deep affordability–even in expensive land markets–through community land trusts, cooperatives, mutual housing associations, tenant associations, and much more. 

Affordable For Whom? is a two-day convening focused on the development and preservation of housing that is permanently affordable. Featuring presenters from California to the Deep South to the Northeast, all working to build a national movement to transform our relationship to land and housing. Conference activities will include panel discussions, popular education activities, and strategy and planning sessions related to four interrelated elements of deeply, permanently affordable housing:

  • Innovative models of community-controlled land and housing
  • Stewardship practices that support permanent affordability
  • Creative financing and funding for deeply affordable housing
  • Public policies determined by community priorities

>> See conference program
>> Register

Conference Organizers:  CUNY Law School, NESRI, Picture the Homeless; Right to the City Alliance; New York City Community Land Initiative (NYCCLI) 

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