Introducing the Human Rights Education Now! Podcast

The Human Rights Education Now! podcast is now live! This podcast serves as a platform for leaders in the human rights education (HRE) field to share their stories, practices, resources, reflections, and other foundational knowledge about their involvement in HRE in the U.S. 
For this month, we have two episodes featuring Nancy Flowers. You can listen to the episodes on HRE USA website and our personalized Buzzsprout podcast website. Stay tuned for two more episodes which we will release in April!

Tune in to listen to conversations about:

  • The development and evolution of HRE
  • Allies and efforts in the HRE field
  • Contextualizing the local within a global
  • Transnational solidarity building
  • Challenging mainstream narratives as pathways for HRE
  • and much more!

We look forward to sharing this space with you. In an effort to increase accessibility, we are working to make transcripts available in the future.

We want to hear from you. Your comments are welcome.
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