Human Rights and Sport Conference: Videos are now available

The videos from the conference are available here!

Sport is a human rights issue. You are invited to learn more about the global social movement towards the defense of human rights in sports, from leading scholars around the world, at a freevirtual conference on Sports and Human Rights, April 5, 2023 from 8am EST to 6pm EST. It is sponsored by the Center for Childhood and Youth Studies at Salem State University in Salem, Mass.


  • Governance in the Socio-cultural Role of Sports
  • Paralymic Treatment: Rolling the Gamut
  • Sexual Abuse and Human Rights in Sport: Why it Matters
  • Human Rights in the Equine Subculture
  • Gymnasts Fight for Human Rights
  • Transgender Athletes
  • A Human Rights Vision for a World of Responsible Sport
  • Commercialization and Economics of Sports: Human Rights Implications
  • Athletes for Hope: Human Rights Advocates
  • Human Rights, High School Sports, & Special Education

View the full program at the following link: 

You will also find human rights information at our free, virtual Human Rights Learning Library that you can register to access here: 

Look for our books on Globalisation, Human Rights, Sports, and Culture, edited by Yvonne Vissing and Joseph Zajda, which will be published later this year by Springer Publications.  

Check them out, and let us know how we can be of support in your understanding of the importance of human rights in all sports.

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