As a result of climate change, over a billion people will be on the move in the latter half of this century. What will this look like? As educators, what is our responsibility to prepare young people for our changing world? How can we create learning experiences to help young people to meet this challenge?

Join World Savvy and Re-Imagining Migration on April 19th for “Climate and Migration: Lessons for the Classroom” an engaging, interactive webinar. Register Now

This free virtual webinar will dissect how climate change impacts human migration and creates unique migration challenges. Participants will learn to use an inquiry-based approach to teaching climate change migration to middle and high school students. This discussion will provide creative and engaging classroom resources that can be implemented in your school.
Adam Koehler, a skilled Professional Learning Facilitator at World Savvy, and Adam Strom, the Executive Director of Re-Imagining Migration, will facilitate this critical conversation.

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