HRE USA Member Profiles

 The HRE USA community would like to thank our 2022 Edmonds Fellows, Veronica Bido, Hallie McRae, and Natalie Roach, for their time and talents interviewing HRE USA members and regional representatives. We will be adding additional interviews to this platform in the future and appreciate our members’ time and efforts to meet with our Edmonds Fellows to not only share their experiences, but also provide feedback on ways to strengthen our Network overall and our Regional chapters.

Click below to watch the interview profiles of some of our members or watch a playlist of all videos on our YouTube channel!  

Rebecca Cannara, Universal Human Rights Initiative | Profile video
Merrill Collins Chausseblanche, Spiraling Music   | Profile video
Jessica Evans, HRE USA & Murray State University | Profile video
Cliff Mayotte, Voice of Witness | Profile video
Sandra Sohcot, HRE USA &The World As It Could Be | Profile video
Ashley Steimer-King, Girls Learn International | Profile video

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