Summer Leadership Institute: Navigating the Political Landscape of Social Studies

July 19-20, 2022

 Learn more and register

National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) invites you to its Summer Leadership Institute (SLI), Navigating the Political Landscape of Social Studies! 

Currently, social studies, social studies educators, and education as a whole are in a defensive stance as we have become pawns in a misinformation campaign about our content, our methods, and our mission. This year’s two-day SLI event will focus on how we as social studies educators can recapture the narrative of social studies and promote social studies as a central component of preparing all students for civic life.

During this two-day virtual event, NCSS members will learn about the current legal and political challenges confronting teaching social studies and work collaboratively on approaches, tools, and structures that we can put in place at the classroom, local, state, and national levels to navigate the current political landscape.

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