Children’s Human Rights in the USA: Virtual conference


The registration is open for the June 22-24, 2022 conference on Children’s Human Rights in the USA.  It is a virtual zoom conference with over 50 speakers that is sponsored by the Center for Childhood & Youth Studies at Salem State University, with co-sponsors such as Human Rights Educators USA, the Hope for Children CRC Policy Center, UNICEF USA, Child Fund Alliance, Child Welfare League of America, and others. This is a free conference via zoom but you must register.

Topics include safety, trauma, resilience, participation, health, education, law, mental health, gun control, special needs children, environment, and much more. For more information on the speakers and schedule:

Continuing Education Credits are available.

To learn more about the importance of children’s human rights, please review the Children’s Human Rights Resource, Networking, and Learning Library:

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