“Weaving Out of the Web”

UROCK! and HRE USA Web Presentation



April 25, 7:00-8:00pm, EST

Fly out of life’s catastrophes to dive in and explore key human ontologies of identity, inclusion, and exclusion – linking our work to the real work of the UDHR and related Conventions. This workshop provides a Behavioral Psychological approach to the Arts and Human Rights.

Peter DiGennaro, M.A. (Arts Politics, Human Rights Ed.)

Director, URock! HRE

The human instinct of artistic practice – the physicalized expression of our inner self as it relates to the outer world – is integral and essential, whether we sense it or not, to personal and community wellness and wisdom. Through this simple and fun Human Rights and Peace Education exercise, Peter DiGennaro (Director, URock! Human Rights) introduces participants to the “Poetics of Intimation” – a sense-event through the arts of movement (Zoom Hand Dancing!) and writing (Crazy Poetry!) that playfully examines the critical issues of human ontology: identity, inclusion, and exclusion. Attendees of any artistic “skill” level and genre – or none! – are welcome as we ripen our own processes of investigation, while linking what appears in our work to specific, formal articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and its related Conventions.

This introductory or second-step Human Rights & Peace Education exercise can be used as an icebreaker, as a more immediate unveiling of experience and memory, and/or as creative source material when attending to the witness of exclusion and inclusion. Notably, the exercise fosters a distinct practice of trust-possibility – with oneself and with others – given the concurrent personally and privately managed levels of sharing, now coupled to the informative practice of artistic process preserved within the investigation. Though basic in construct, and fairly brief in execution, this exercise is both reflective and reflexive in its scaffolded design, gradated process, and analog production, presenting a “door-opener” to greater personal and social capacity, consciousness, and courage to engage. 

Oh…and it’s FUN!

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