Ashleigh Deno, 2021 Edmonds Summer Fellowship Report

During her fellowship Ashleigh analyzed HRE USA’s social media accounts and their overall online presence. She compiled a social media analytics report in order to plot the numbers and determine the network’s overall success with each social media platform, which also can help influence and improve performance in the future. View video report.

“It was an amazing experience to be able to work so closely with HRE USA and I truly learned so much from them this summer. In my day job, I am a high school history teacher and I work at a school with a high refugee population. Human rights and human rights education play a large role in both my personal life and in my career, so having the opportunity to collaborate so closely with such a respected organization has been a pleasure. I firmly believe that I have learned so much meaningful information that I can bring with me into my classroom, and I have been equipped with resources to better myself even more going into the future.”

Ashleigh Deno

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