Human Rights Board Game

This holiday season, consider giving the gift of human rights education with The Human Rights Game© by The Brainary.  Built around the foundation of the 30 Articles of the UDHR, and the three pillars of the United Nations FreedomEquity, and Dignity, The Human Rights Game aimsis to make a positive difference by teaching children and teens about the rightsfreedoms, and responsibilities.

Through the game, players are challenged to make better choices, based on the UDHR, in a rapidly changing world whereby customs, ethics, and values are learned from non-traditional sources often with materialistic and prejudiced underpinnings. Much of the learning takes place through discussion, short storytelling, and problem-solving. Players are also encouraged to develop an understanding that freedom and rights also come with responsibilities, and learn the importance and relevance of healthy rules and regulations in life.

As an added bonus, 45% of the proceeds from the purchase of every game will go to support Human Rights Educators USA and our mission to promote human dignity, justice, and peace through a vibrant base of support for human rights education (HRE) within the United States.

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