unMASKing: The Pandemic Curriculum Project

All around the world, we have put on masks to protect ourselves and prevent the spread of COVID-19. Yet the pandemic has also taken masks off so many human rights issues. Our free, open-sourced unMASKing: The Pandemic Curriculum Project provides educators with a roadmap to guide students, in a supportive and inclusive way, as they process these difficult and complex issues, explore the local and global impacts of COVID-19, and share their experiences.

This free, open-sourced curriculum created by HRE USA partners Generation Human Rights and Human Rights Education Associates is more than an academic program. It’s a resiliency program that empowers students to break free from the isolation of the COVID-19 pandemic and reflect on their own life experiences, make tangible connections with their peers around the world, and create ways to be actively involved in their local communities.  The curriculum includes four modules: 

  • Understanding the Pandemic and Human Rights
  • Sharing Stories
  • Media Resources
  • Taking Action

>> Learn more and access the lesson plans

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