FREE Social Justice Films from Highlander Center

The Highlander Center (TN) was founded in the early 1930s, primarily to organize unemployed/working people. In the 1950s-60s, its workshops became an important incubator for the Civil Rights movement, and onward until today, carrying on the fight for justice and equality. 

To further the cause for social justice, the Highlander Center has made available four short inspiring films to show in classrooms, libraries, EJ organizations, at ‘home schools,’ and elsewhere to demonstrate how ‘ordinary’ people working collectively can make extraordinary change. They are excerpts from a longer film by Lucy Massie Phenix called You Got To Move

Film subjects include: 1) first Citizenship School on Johns Island near Charleston, teaching how to read/write so folks can vote; 2) organizing to demand reparations from strip mines in KY; 3) environmental justice and toxic waste dumping in TN, and 4) 1969 Black nurses’ strike in Charleston.  

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