Teaching About the Pandemic

As remote instruction continues into the new school year, The Zinn Education Project shares resources for teaching in these challenging conditions including a new lesson for students, Who’s to Blame? A People’s Tribunal on the Coronavirus Pandemic as well as articles, films, and resources on teaching about the history of pandemics and the connection between climate change and the coronavirus.  

The summer issue of Rethinking Schools is a special, longer issue that focuses on teaching and learning in the pandemic. In their editorial, “The Fight of Our Lives,” Rethinking Schools editors describe the summer issue as “a lamentation, but it is also a celebration — and a call to action.”

This edition includes articles about what it means to show up for students at this time, the history of anti-Chinese racism and its intersection with disease in the United States, and how 12 teachers cope and think about what it means to be an educator right now.

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