Teach Climate Change!

Happy Earth Day! Help develop the next generation of environmental leaders by teaching Climate Change!

We already know that the earth and its inhabitants are experiencing impacts from climate change as a result of global warming, including deadly heat waves, extreme weather events, and threats to life on earth. There is no denying that human activities, including the burning of fossil fuels and destruction to our natural environment, is behind global warming.

For over 10 years, Climate Generation has been building climate literacy and action among educators, youth and the broader public with tangible results. They offer a suite of Grades 3-12 curriculum resources in the form of curriculum guides, as well as online modules that can be downloaded for free.

All of these resources are interdisciplinary and can be used in the following classes: earth science, life science, physical science, civics, economics, history, media, English Language Arts, environmental science, geography, and art.

Interested in increasing your confidence in teaching climate change in the classroom. Join Climate Generation’s 14th Annual Summer Institute for Climate Change Education this August in Washington, DC. Scholarships available.

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