Refugee Crisis Curriculum

Generation Human Rights has had the incredible opportunity to work with RFKennedy Human Rights and CARE to create two curricula for middle school and high school classrooms on the current world refugee crisis

Last year, as the worldwide refugee crisis continued to escalate, RFKennedy Human Rights, Generation Human Rights and photographer and documentarian Ron Haviv came together to create a comprehensive high school multimedia curriculum on the global refugee crisis. The curriculum fills an urgent real time need as educators and youth locally and abroad struggle to fully understand how the crisis originated, how it impacts communities and how students globally can step into the role as human rights defenders in response to the situation.

For middle schoolers, Generation Human Rights and CARE created another interactive multimedia curriculum about the refugee crisis called Letters Of Hope Classroom. The lesson plans enable students to develop a tangible understanding of the crisis and supports them to make connections with young refugees around the world. The program encourages the development of empathy and inquiry as students create a foundation on which to better understand human rights and the global refugee crisis that finds more 65 million people forcibly displaced from their homes and countries.

>> Download High School Curriculum
>> Download Middle School Curriculum

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