Lesson Plans – Work

Circle of Rights. Economic, Social & Cultural Rights Activism
Source:International Human Rights Internship Program, Forum-Asia
An exhaustive resource for understanding and teaching economic, social, and cultural rights.  See module 10, “The Right to Work.”
Grade Level: high school – adult
Subject Area: social studies, economics, and development studies

Discrimination in the Workplace
Middle school  High school
Source: American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC)
Uses US civil rights law to evaluate case studies of discrimination in the workplace, especially against Arab-Americans.
Grade Level: middle – high school
Subject Area: social studies 

I Have a Right to …

Source: BBC World Service
A collection of case studies that illustrate specific human rights with contemporary examples.
Grade Level: high school
Subject Area: social studies, current events, geography

Speak Truth to Power: Lucas Benitez
Source: Speak Truth to Power Curriculum, RFK Center
Activities featuring Lucas Benitez’s work for the rights of migrant workers.
Grade Level: high school
Subject area: social studies, economics

The Right to Work in Dignity: Human Rights and Economic Rights

Source: New York University Projects
Uses the Triangle Shirt Factory Fire to examine the right to work.
Grade Level: high school
Subject Area: social studies

The Rights of Worker Toolkit
Source: Advocates for Human Rights
A toolkit on the rights of workers in the United States with background information, lesson plans, action opportunities, and resources.
Grade Level: middle school – adult
Subject Area: social studies, current events