Films – Work

The Devil’s Miner
Director/Producer: Kief Davidson, Richard Ladkani; Source: Cinema Delicatessen, 2005
Tells the story of 14-year-old Basilio who worships the devil for protection while working in a Bolivian silver mine to support his family. Includes accompanying study guide.
Time: 82 minutes
Grade Level: high school

The Inheritors (Los Herederos)
Director: Eugenio Polgovsky; Source: Icarus Films, 2009
Documents the daily lives of Mexican children who, with their families, survive only by their unrelenting labor. Explores how the cycle of poverty is passed on, from one generation to another.
Time: 90 minutes
Grade Level: high school – adult

Waiting for the Revolution: Bolivia’s Indigenous Workers
Directors: Rodrigo Vazquez, Don Edkins, Mette Heide
Source: Independent Television Service
Indigenous people of the Andes have endured racism and discrimination for more than 500 years, but two newly elected indigenous leaders illustrate the changes coming to South America. Lesson plan and discussion guide available using the film to explore right to work and its application to unemployed native women in Bolivia.
Time: 60 minutes
Grade Level: high school