Books – Human Rights Education

Teachers, Human Rights and Diversity
How should we educate citizens in multicultural societies? Reports on recent research in this field and considers the implications for teachers, teacher education and student teachers. Case studies illustrate how young citizens can learn to apply the principles of human rights and equality in resolving complex and controversial issues.

  • Author: Audrey Osler
  • Publisher: Trentham Books, 2005
  • Grade Level: adults, educators

Understanding Human Rights: A Manual of Human Rights Education
A comprehensive manual with three main parts: a general introduction into the basics of human rights; a special part with selected “core issues” in the form of modules, which should help to understand the functioning of human rights in daily life; and a third, so-called “additional resources part”, which contains methodological hints, useful information, and references to further reading and on-line resources. Extensive discussion lesson plans, resources on specific human rights topics.

  • Editor: Wolfgang Benedek
  • Publisher: European Training and Research Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (ETC), 2012
  • Grade Level: high school, adults, educators