Films – Gender

Emma Watson at UN on #HeForShe Campaign
Source: UN Women, 2014
UN Women Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson launches the UN Women Solidarity Movement for Gender Equality, #HeForShe Campaign.
Time: 12 minutes

Killing Us Softly 4
Director: Jean Kilbourne, Producer: Cambridge Documentaries, 2010
Focuses on images of women in advertising, in particular on gender stereotypes, the effects of advertising on women’s self-image, and the objectification of women’s bodies. Accompanying study guides available.
Time: 45 minutes
Grade Level: high school

Sepideh: Reaching for the Stars
Director: Berit Madsen, Producer: Stephan Frost, Henrik Underbjerg, 2013
Sepideh wants to become an astronaut. She spends her nights exploring the secrets of the universe, while her family will do anything to keep her on the ground. The expectations for a young Iranian woman are very different from Sepideh’s ambitions, and her plans to go to university are in danger. But Sepideh holds on to her dream! She takes up the fight and teams up with the world’s first female space tourist, Anousheh Ansari.
Time: 90 minutes
Grade Level: high school – adult

Wonder Women!: the Untold Stories of America’s Superwomen

Directors: Nicole Newnham and Maren Grainger-Monsen, Source: The Independent Television Service (ITVS)
This video with lesson plans looks at how popular representations of powerful women often reflect society’s anxieties about women’s liberation. Accompanying education guides available on the pbs website.
Grade Level: middle school – young adult