Lesson Plans – Food

Chocolate Curriculum
Source: Global Exchange
This nine-lesson curriculum examines fair trade chocolate production and consumption and the way consumer choices affect people around the world.
Grade Level: elementary school
Subject Area: social studies, health, science

Circle of Rights. Economic, Social & Cultural Rights Activism

Source: Module 12, “The Right to Adequate Food,” Circle of Rights: Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights Activism: A Training Resource
This curriculum module provides an introduction to the right to adequate food with case studies and resources.
Grade Level: high school – adult
Subject Area: social studies

Economic and Social Justice: A Human Rights Perspective

Author: David Shiman; Source: Univ. of Minnesota Human Rights Center
This full curriculum provides an introduction to economic and social rights, 9 learning activities, and resources. See especially Activity 5, Hunger USA,
Grade Level: middle – high school
Subject Area: social studies, economics

Exploring Food Justice

Source: Exploring Food Justice
The five lessons in this curriculum include looking at food sources, eating on a budget, hunger and privilege, taking action against food injustice.
Grade Level: elementary
Subject Area: social studies, science

Food and You

Source: Earth Day Network
Explores the connection between the sources of food and waste. Defines sustainability using oranges and orange juice. Simple graphing of results.
Grade Level: elementary
Subject Area: social studies, science

Food Force
Source: UN World Food Programme and KONAMI Digital Entertainment
Puts players in control of the world’s largest humanitarian aid agency. Combines multiplayer fun with the ability to provide real meals to hungry children around the globe.
Grade Level: middle – high school
Subject Area: economics, social studies

Food for Thought and Action: A Food Sovereignty Curriculum

Source: Grassroots International
This curriculum includes four modules with a collection of education-for-action exercises and factsheets that emphasizes informed activism.
Grade Level: high school – adults
Subject Area: social studies, environmental studies

Food Insecurity

Source: Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting
This  multi-lesson unit defines and explores food security as a human right. Using videos about India, Nigeria, and Guatemala. Ideas for research and local exploration.
Grade Level: high school
Subject Area: Social studies, science, geography, environmental studies

The Madness of Hunger

Source: Univ. of Minnesota Human Rights Center, Human Rights Education Topic Book 7
A theatrical play with learning activities that illustrates the long-term effects of hunger on families in impoverished northeast Brazil. Uses Theatre of the Oppressed techniques to engage participants.
Level: high school – adult
Subject Area: social studies, current events

Rights to a Food Toolkit

Source: The Advocates for Human Rights
This lesson plan looks at the issue of economic social and cultural rights in the United States, including the right to food, and provides with supporting materials including a fact sheet, take action ideas, and organizations that work on the right to food.
Grade Level: middle school – adult
Subject Area: social studies