Films – Discrimination

Nine from Little Rock
Charles Gugenheim
Academy Award-winning documentary about the first nine African-American students to attend an all-white Arkansas high school in 1957.
Time: 20 minutes
Grade Level: middle school – adult

Not in Our Town: Class Actions and Not in Our Town: Light in the Darkness

Producer: PBS
Documentary about a town uniting to take action after anti-immigrant violence devastates the community. Follow-up video on how other towns were inspired to take similar action. Discussion and action guide for schools available at here. Excerpts of films available here.
Time: 1 hour

Speak Up: Stop Discrimination
Source: UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
A number of short videos (many dull). Highly recommended: “The Riddle.”
Time: Various
Grade Level: middle – high school
Subject Area: social studies, school climate

True Colors 

Producer: Prime Time Live
Follows two men as they participate in a variety of “everyday” life interactions and situations to test levels of prejudice based on skin colors.