Books – Discrimination


Understanding Prejudice and Discrimination
Anthology that ranges from classics by Martin Luther King, Jr., and Gordon Allport to contemporary essays by scholars such as Stephen Jay Gould, Claude Steele, and Peggy McIntosh. Combines research articles, opinion polls, legal decisions, news reports, personal narratives, and more.

  • Author: Scott Pious
  • Source: McGraw Hill, 2002
  • Grade Level: high school – adult
  • Subject Area: Social studies, psychology

Voices from the Storm: The People of New Orleans on Hurricane Katrina and its Aftermath
Oral histories of men and women who survived Hurricane Katrina, only to be victimized again by their own government reveal the racial and economic rifts that continue to plague American cities. Many resident of traditionally poor and minority communities suffered incalculable losses and endured unimaginable conditions due to late evacuations and insufficient aid after the Gulf Coast disaster. Fills a crucial gap in the understanding of this disaster. Free download of lesson plans for Voices from the Storm available at here.

  • Author: Chris Ying and Lola Vollen (editors)
  • Publisher: Voice of Witness/McSweeney’s
  • Grade Level: middle school – college/adult
  • Subject Area: social studies