People’s Historians Online Mini-Classes

When: Fridays throughout May and June
Time: 11 am Pacific, 1pm Central, 2pm Eastern
Where: Live Stream
Cost: FREE

Every Friday, as part of their People’s Historians Online Series, the Zinn Education Project presents a 75-minute mini-class featuring phenomenal teachers, authors, and professors from around the United States. 

Participants can look forward to learning through stories about people’s history, meeting other educators, and finding a road map forward in the midst of this pandemic. As one participant said, “Thank you for getting us together and giving me hope that we are not alone and that we can think and act ourselves out of this pandemic.”

The sessions are designed for teachers and other school staff, however, parents, students, and others are welcome to participate. ASL interpretation is provided. Upcoming sessions include: 

  • June 5: Reconstruction and Issues of Citizenship, Suffrage, and Movement Building in the 19th Century: Part 1 – Manisha Sinha in conversation with an educator
  • June 12: Reconstruction and Issues of Citizenship, Suffrage, and Movement Building in the 19th Century: Part 2 – Martha Jones in conversation with Tiffany Mitchell Patterson
  • June 19: Reconstruction and Juneteenth – Greg Carr in conversation with Jessica Rucker
  • June 26: Women in the Black Freedom Struggle – Jeanne Theoharis in conversation with Jesse Hagopian

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(Re)View HRE USA 101 Webinar

HRE USA would like to thank everyone who participated in our new membership webinar last month. If you missed it or would like to review or share the video and resources, we have made the entire webinar available online. 

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We also encourage you to connect with your regional chapter. If you do not see a chapter or representative in your area and would like to serve, please let us know. Also be sure to check out our HRE online library if you haven’t already!

If you have any questions, are interested in learning more about or joining any of our committees or projects, or have a new idea, please let us know. We are always looking for new members to carry out important HRE initiatives. Just email and we will reply within a few days. 

Supporting Students Through Coronavirus

By Teaching Tolerance

Educators are doing a tremendous job right now supporting students and families through the COVID-19 pandemic. Teaching Tolerance has developed the following resources to support student well-being and learning during school closures. 

SIMA Classroom – One Month FREE

As academic institutions across the world make the switch from in-person classes to online learning in response to public safety surrounding coronavirus, SIMA Classroom would like to provide their support by offering ONE MONTH of FREE access to SIMA Classroom, the “Netflix of Global Education”. 

No auto-renew. No strings attached. Just a quick and easy fast track to online learning.  Should a recurring membership be desired after one month, users can simply navigate to our subscription page or email us directly at Plans start at $8/mo.

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FREE Resources for Moving to a Virtual Classroom

The coronavirus pandemic has led every US state to close schools and turn to online learning.  In response, many education technology companies have stepped forward to help educators reach students in virtual ways.

Here are several free or discounted online learning resources that pre-K-12 students and educators can use to keep up the learning from home.

All-around curriculum

Early learning activities, videos, and games


  •  ABCmouse: free home access for students to ReadingIQ and Adventure
  • Audible: free streaming audiobooks for kids
  • Storyline Online: streams videos featuring award-winning actors reading children’s books with illustrations
  • Time for Kids: free digital library of the Time for Kids magazine for K-6 students
  • Epic: a digital library for kids age 12 and under of over 40,000 books, audiobooks, and videos
  • Rivet: Rivet is a free, AI-based kids’ reading app designed for developing readers ages 5 to 10
  • Marvel Hero Tales: storytelling game app designed to help develop language and reading skills for kids age 7 to 11
  • Wonderscope: free reading app for students age 6 and up to learn from home
  • Achieve3000: free, differentiated online learning resources for educators and students in grades PreK-12
  • The Moth: free videos with a story and a teaching guide


  • Prodigy Math: free online math platform that reinforces math skills through video game-style play.
  • Beast Academy Online: interactive, web-based math program for students ages 8 to 13
  • Mystery Science: free science lessons for grade K-5
  • Minecraft Education: Explore the International Space Station, learn to code, visit famous landmarks, or learn about marine biology.
  • CodeSpark Academy three months of this K-5 platform to help kids learn to code


  • Duolingo free language learning app that helps kids (and adults) learn a language through short, game-like exercises.
  • Babbel free language app for K-12 and college students through mid-June
  • Rosetta Stone: three months of free language learning to K12 students.
  • Lingvist: free use of all its language-learning tools until July 31
  • Busuu: free live language lessons to students age 5 to 14
  • Droplets: free use of their language learning platform for students age 8 to 17

Advanced Placement

  • Fiveable: free social learning platform for high school students and teachers focused on Advanced Placement test preparation


Virtual field trips

Google Arts and Culture: Travel to art museums around the world

Show Your Support For Children’s Rights!

As part of the Every Child, Every Right Campaign in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), HRE USA invites you to upload and share a short video answering the question:

Why is the CRC important to you and/or your community?
What actions are you and/or your community taking to support the CRC?

Please share any thoughts, actions, or ideas that will inspire others to promote children’s rights!  Videos should be no longer than 2 minutes.

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30 Years of the Convention on the Rights of the Child

The Convention on the Rights of the Child is 30! Find ways to celebrate, advocate, teach, and more!

Thirty years ago, on November 20th, world  leaders adopted the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) an international agreement on childhood. Now the most ratified of all international treaties, this historic commitment to the world’s children has radically transformed young lives across the globe. It sets out the rights that must be realized for children to develop to their full potential.

But still not every child gets to enjoy a full childhood. Still, too many childhoods are cut short. It is up to our generation to demand that leaders from government, business and communities fulfill their commitments and take action for child rights now, once and for all. 

Human Rights Here and Now – “For Every Child, Every Right.”

In honor of the 30th Anniversary, HRE USA has dedicated its latest edition of Human Rights Here and Now to the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). We have also created an online toolkit of ready-to-use resources entitled, Every Child, Every Right! to help anyone learn and teach about the CRC!

To advocate for the rights of the child in the United States, HRE USA is also galvanizing support for U.S. ratification of the CRC through our CRC in the USA Campaign.

>> Every Child, Every Right Online Toolkit

FREE Webinar on Immigration with Journalist Sonia Nazario

When: Thursday, October 17, 2019
Time:  7:00 pm EST
Where: Online Webinar
Cost: FREE

With more than 250 million migrants around the globe, including more than 65 million refugees, migration has sparked intense partisan debate, inspired advocacy, and changed the face of cities, neighborhoods, and schools.

Join Facing History and OurselvesWrite the World, and Share My Lesson for a FREE webinar that will explore powerful human stories behind this global trend in conversation with Sonia Nazario, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author of Enrique’s Journey: The True Story of a Boy Determined to Reunite with His Mother. Years after his mother left him behind in Honduras to seek work in the United States, Enrique embarked on a harrowing odyssey to find her. Join us to discuss the importance of stories in addressing today’s challenges of borders and belonging, and learn about Facing History and Ourselves’ extensive resources for teaching about immigration in social studies and literature classrooms. 

Participants will receive access to Facing History’s study guide for the YA version of Enrique’s Journey, along with current events lessons and other multimedia resources.

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Teach Central America Week

Join educators across the country for #TeachCentralAmerica week from October 7 – 13, 2019

More than four million Central Americans reside in the United States and migration from the region is headline news. However, most schools teach very little about Central America, including the long history of U.S. involvement in the region. Central America is too-often portrayed as simply a strip of land on a map connecting North and South America. Students are left to imagine that their Central American heritage, or that of their peers, is insignificant. Teachers have learned little of the history themselves and there is a scarcity of literature in the school libraries. 

To help fill this gap, Teaching for Change has launched the #TeachCentralAmerica campaign. The goal of the campaign is to encourage and support teaching about Central America in K-12 schools so that students can learn about this region, which has many ties to the United States through foreign policy, immigration, commerce, and culture.

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