Building Hopes: Engaged Educators Change the World Podcast

Announcing the new podcast “Building Hopes: Engaged Educators Change the World,” hosted by Teresa Cappiali and co-created with Francesca Cerri! 

Inspired by the work of Paulo Freire, the podcast engages with some of the most innovative educators, human rights advocates, and community leaders using critical and transformative pedagogy in their work. Together with our guests, we explore how they use this approach to promote human rights and social justice by empowering individuals and communities. 
With this podcast, listeners will learn more about the work by Paulo Freire and how leaders and communities use and reinvent critical pedagogy to change the world.

The first episode is titled Empowering Through Creative Arts-making, and it is dedicated to the incredible work by André de Quadros, a music educator from Boston University (USA). The second episode in two weeks is dedicated to Jeffrey Duncan-Andrade, the co-founder of the famous School Lab Roses in Concrete.  

You can find the information concerning the episode and the speaker on the main page of the podcast, hosted by Raoul Wallenberg Institute for Human Rights (RWI), and on Spotify and Soundcloud: 

>> RWI
>> Spotify
>> SoundCloud

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