Ignite and Unite for Human Rights – HRE USA annual giving campaign

Youth and educators need knowledge, skills, and support to defend human rights and democracy in this country. 

Human Rights Educators USA is a collaborative network to learn, teach, organize, advocate, and innovate for human rights education in the United States. 

We are calling on you to ignite and unite for human rights! 

We depend on thousands of volunteer hours every year and generous contributions from members and supporters. To sustain this vibrant and essential network, we aim to raise $10,000 by Human Rights Day 2022! 

This is how you can support: 

Ignite our campaign by donating here

Unite by joining our membership here 

Share this with your family and friends to magnify our efforts! 

Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you on December 9th at 4 pm ET at our Human Rights Day Celebration

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