Congratulations to the 2022 O’Brien Award Winner, Susan Katz!

2022 O’Brien Award for Individual Achievement

Susan Katz’s personal commitment to HRE as a scholar, an advocate, and an activist has inspired a generation of students and established a rooted academic program that has deeply influenced HRE across the United States. She co-founded the first graduate program in HRE in the USA. which has served as a training ground for both activists, who bring human rights to their communities and classrooms, and professionals in the field, who have themselves become leaders and innovative researchers. USF began its doctoral concentration in HRE within the Department of International and Multicultural Education 15 years ago and launched a first-of-its kind Masters of Arts Degree Program in HRE in 2013

One nominator has said of her, “Susan Katz’s … passion for HRE is infectious. … [S]he has used her tremendous passion, energy, and experience as an organizer to advance HRE at the University of San Francisco and within academia in the US.” Another nominator emphasized her significant contribution as a catalyst for furthering HRE locally, nationally, and internationally, her influence in legitimizing HRE within the broader discipline of educatioal research, and her dynamic pedagogy and ground-breaking scholarship. Her co-edited book, Bringing Human Rights Education to U.S. Classrooms: Exemplary Models from Elementary Grades through University, (Palgrave McMillan, 2015) has become a classic in the field.

HRE USA is proud to honor Susan Katz for her commitment and service to human rights education in the United States. 

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