Updated Lesson: Indigenous Peoples’ Day

As we approach Indigenous Peoples’ Day, here are recommended classroom resources. Note the new version of the lesson, The People vs. Columbus, et al.

The People vs. Columbus, et al. New Version

This widely used lesson has been revised in collaboration with Taíno community members. The updated version centers the Taíno people as the people harmed and includes indictments for four colonial offenders: Columbus, Columbus’s Men, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, and the System of Empire.

In previous versions of this trial role play, the Taíno were included as one of the defendants. In this one, they are accusers. The Taíno present charges in the role play of enslavement, rape, torture, maiming, killing, crimes against the environment, and occupation and theft of Taíno land. Read more.

We’d love to hear from you when you use the lesson. In appreciation for your feedback, we’ll send you a people’s history book.

Updated Lesson

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