Teach Climate Tips from Climate Generation

Stay up to date on the strategies that are being used to spread disinformation. While climate denial was once the champion of those attempting to muddy the waters of the climate change conversation, now false information about potential climate change solutions is rampant

Identify fake news with your students. Try the Factitous Game created by American University Game Lab in Washington, DC. The game asks players to read a short article to determine whether it is fact or fake and provides tips for recognizing false information and untrustworthy sources.

Dive into a great resource on climate misinformation from NCSE on the scientific consensus around climate change, and why there seems to be so much misunderstanding among youth, and adults, around it.

Practice the elements of The Stink Test to support students in building background knowledge and the skills necessary to be a discerning consumer of information.

Empower your students to know what is and isn’t factual information in today’s digital world using this digital literacy framework! Assist students in exploring what a reliable source looks like, and how to stop the spread of disinformation online.

Combat disinformation by using accurate, trusted sources. Visit the Climate Literacy and Energy Awareness Network (CLEAN) to search for K-12 lesson plans, activities, videos, and more. All 700+ resources have been reviewed by both scientists and educators and evaluated for scientific accuracy and educational quality.

Fact check like a scientist using this great video from Raven the Science Maven. We know the spread of disinformation is not only rampant within our student body, but also with our peers, our families, and sometimes, ourselves! Check out this great resource for making sure the news and information we share and digest is legit.

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