Voices from the Storm: The People of New Orleans on Hurricane Katrina and Its Aftermath

Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath provide an opportunity to examine race and class in contemporary American society as they are both perceived and acted upon. The hurricane inflicted damage on a scale unprecedented in American history, nearly destroying a major city and killing thousands of its citizens. With far too little help from indifferent, incompetent government agencies, those living in poverty bore the brunt of the disaster. The residents of already marginalized communities suffered incalculable losses and endured unimaginable conditions.

The narratives from Voices from the Storm offer a ground’s-eye view of what many citizens experienced during Hurricane Katrina, and these lessons provide a multifaceted exploration of the perceptions and realities of American democracy by utilizing critical reading logs, fishbowl discussions, four corners activities, and more.

>> Access book, curriculum, and theatrical adaptation

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