CPG Online Academy on Human Rights

August 16-26, 2022

CPG’s Academy on Human Rights is designed to give an in-depth understanding and critical assessment of human rights laws, institutions, advocacy, and scholarship. Contributions by internationally recognized scholars and practitioners provide a bridge between the theoretical and the practical dimensions, with an emphasis upon various aspects of field practice.

The upcoming academy will be held as a two-week-long certificated online course comprising nine teaching days. Each teaching day offers around six hours of live plenary interactive lectures, workshops, debates, and break-out sessions.

Similar to an online class, the academy is articulated in distinct modules each of which explores different aspects of human rights:

• Fundamentals of Human Rights,

• International Human Rights Mechanisms,

• Human Rights in the Marketplace,

• Minorities and Human Rights,

• National Human Rights Bodies,

• Criminal Law, Security, & Human Rights, and

• Human Rights in the Digital Age.

To participate, please apply at: https://www.cpg-online.de/cpg-event/cpgs-online-academy-2022-on-human-rights/

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