The HRE USA Innovations & Partnerships Committee invites input on DEI from an HRE perspective

The HRE USA Innovations & Partnerships Committee is working on developing language that clarifies the importance of diversity, inclusion and equity (DEI) from an HRE perspective in order to support educators who are dealing with challenges to bringing this orientation to their schools and/or other forums.  

To that end, they are seeking your input to the following questions:

1. What is your experience with being trained or with doing training in DEI?

    a. What has been positive?

    b. What has been negative?

    c. What perceptions do you see relative to DEI?

2. How have you seen DEI related to HRE?

    a. In what ways does HRE inform efforts to further DEI?

3. How would language connecting HRE to DEI be helpful to your efforts?

Please send your responses to Sandy Sohcot by Tuesday, February 15:

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