The 2021-22 HRE USA Training As Action Series (TAAS), Tier 2 modules

Tier 2 modules will engage HRE USA members in interactive human rights training on urgent topic areas in ways that are applicable to their personal, collective, and professional contexts. The next Tier 2 module will take place on October 25Register here. Registration for tier 2 modules is ending soon, don’t miss an opportunity to attend these workshops!

The 2021-22 HRE USA Training As Action Series (TAAS) will feature a scaffolded three-tier training model. Each tier builds upon the next in terms of depth, participation, and engagement. The trainings are designed to meet the diverse needs of our members. Participants are welcome to register for Tier 1 only, Tier 1 and 2, or all three tiers as they are interested. For more information on TAAS series visit this page.

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