Winnie Ho, 2021 Edmonds Summer Fellowship Report

During her fellowship Winnie worked on landscape mapping, organizational outreach, and relationship-building with HRE USA partners. View Video Report.

“As an aspiring public health professional doing work in drug policy, I had always known that human rights closely intersected with the world I was already doing, but had not yet fully explored it. Serving as an Edmonds Fellow with HRE USA really expanded my horizons to think hard about developing resources and tools for a network of amazing organizations. I’ve learned so much throughout my project, an organizational landscape analysis, and had the opportunity to speak with numerous organizations about their needs and goals. As someone who is interested in how coalitions and movements are built and sustained, this fellowship gave me a real chance to answer some big questions and problem-solve my way through the project. I truly am grateful for the mentorship, support, and experience this summer has provided me, and look forward to continuing to integrate what I’ve learned here into my future work.”

Winnie Ho

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