Adrianna Zhang

Adrianna Zhang (she/her) is a first-year student at Stanford University. She is the Founder & Executive Director of San Francisco Communities who Help Advance the New Generation of Education, or SF CHANGE, a nationwide organization that has presented free educational workshops to over 30,000 students around the United States. Passionate about education equity, she has spearheaded children’s rights workshops for thousands of students in partnership with UNICEF’s international Child-Friendly Cities initiative, brought children’s rights workshops to 200+ classrooms, and integrated rights education into school curriculums around the nation. 

Adrianna also serves as the Chair of the San Francisco Youth Commission where she led the Vote16SF ballot measure to 207k+ votes, secured free public transportation for youth in San Francisco, and wrote legislation on affordable housing, Title IX reform, and more. She is also an active member of the National Vote16 Advisory Board.

Adrianna was a speaker at TEDxCity of San Francisco 2021 where she discussed youth civic engagement to an audience of 10k+ people. She was a guest panelist at the University of Warwick’s panel on Children’s Rights in Literature and a speaker at the Children’s Rights in the USA conference hosted by Salem State University.