Books – Water


 Cadillac Desert: The American West and Its Disappearing Water
A history of the American West’s water and its great water projects that transplanted water to allow the phenomenal growth of California and the Southwest.  The book’s perspective of water rights, and ecologic and economic consequences of such actions focuses on government and business tactics.

  • Author: Marc Reisner
  • Publisher: Viking, 1993
  • Grade Level: high school – adult
  • Subject Area: social studies, environmental studies, science

Our World of Water: Children and Water Around the World
Shows the relationship with water of six children around the world and its importance in their lives

  • Author: Beatrice Hollyer
  • Publisher: Holt and Company, 2009
  • Grade Level: elementary
  • Subject Area: social studies, science, geography

Ryan and Jimmy and the Well in Africa That Brought Them Together
An inspiring true story of boys from very different backgrounds united by a wish to help others. Brings focus to the necessities that unite us all.  See Lesson plan and Video about the boys.

  • Author: Herb Shoveller
  • Grade Level: upper elementary
  • Subject Area: science, social studies, geography

Water Wars:  Privatization, Pollution, and Profit
Analyzes the historical erosion of communal water rights and the ecological and sociological damage caused by international water trade, damming, mining, and aquafarming.

  • Author: Vandana Shiva
  • Publisher: South End Press, 2002
  • Grade Level: high school – adult
  • Subject Area: social studies, science